1 To get started with setting up the Chataffy dashboard for your store, please head to the Setup Tab from the dropdown at the right upper corner of your Chataffy dashboard.

The URL of the store for which you install Chataffy app appears under Website Name.

Chataffy notifies sales leads & support tickets by both the Email & SMS.

Under Tickets via Email & Leads via Email, fill in the email address you want to receive receive the support tickets & sales leads emails respectively.

Under Tickets via Phone & Leads via Phone, fill in the phone numbers you want to receive receive the support tickets & sales leads SMS respectively.

All the chat transcripts can be emailed to upto 3 email addresses. Under Chat Transcripts (upto 3 Email), fill in upto 3 email addresses you’d like to receive all the chat transcripts on.

Don’t forget to hit the Save button to get the changes saved.

LiveTheChat automatically puts the chat widget on your store as soon as you install the app.

Just in case you are using the older version of BigCommerce i.e. Legacy theme engine, we request you embed the chat widget using the following steps-

1. Please go to BigCommerce main panel and enter the Advanced Settings section.

2. There, click on LiveChat > from the list of providers, please choose Olark and click on Save.

3. Now, on the Olark section, choose “I have an existing Olark account” and paste your above mentioned Chataffy code in the box.

From the Add FAQ tab, you can share the FAQs for the training of Chataffy’s chat agents. The FAQ panel is also accessible from the FAQs button on the top menu bar.

Advanced Settings consists the other key settings of the Chataffy dashboard.

Under Chat Widget Settings, you can provide the customization you’d like to see in your chat widget.

Please note that changes you provide are applied manually from the backend & may take upto 24 hours.

SMTP & IMAP Settings allow you to follow up your sales leads & support tickets right from the Chataffy dashboard. The emails sent to your leads/ tickets from the Chataffy dashboard will show only that email address whose SMTP or IMAP details you’ve provided.

If you’d like to follow up from the Chataffy dashboard, receive the responses in the Chataffy dashboard & keep a copy of both the sent & received emails in your original inbox, we recommend you opt IMAP.

If you’d like to just follow up from the Chataffy dashboard & neither receive the responses in the Chataffy dashboard nor keep a copy in the original inbox, please choose SMTP.

Just fill in the SMTP/ IMAP details, save them & test the email before moving ahead.

Connecting your Chataffy dashboard to Google Analytics extends its capacity.

Once integrated, you could analyse the number of visits, bounce rate, percentage of visitors who filled pre-chat form and percentage of visitors who initiated the chat conversation.

To do so, keep your Google Analytics details handy & hit ‘Connect Google Analytics’. One connected the data will appear on the home of your Chataffy dashboard.

2 To access Settings, simply go to the dropdown at the right upper corner of your Chataffy dashboard & select Settings.

Profile lets you make changes about your account profile, such as- name, email address, location, phone number, time zone & password.

Users lets you add more users to your dashboard with Admin or Executive capacities.

Billing show the details about the plan usage & lets you download the invoices.

Chataffy’s dashboard integrates natively with 15 apps & with 1000+ apps via Zapier. To push Chataffy’s dashboard to the apps of your choice, simply go to Integrations.

3 Chataffy offers 4 ready plans to its customers. To check & subscribe to them, simply go to Upgrade Plan from the dropdown at the right upper corner of your Chataffy dashboard.

If you’d like to create a custom plan, hop on our 24×7 chat support or drop an email to hi@chataffy.com & we’ll add your custom plan under the Upgrade Plan tab only.


4 On the first screen of the home page of your Chataffy dashboard, you’ll see the most important data, such as total chats, sales leads, support tickets & other chats on the top bar. Right under that, you’ll see the graphical representation of the same heads. On its left, you’ll see the SLA data i.e. average response time, agents availability & chat ratings.

The populated data is of the duration set from the calendar from the blue panel at the top.

Scroll down a bit & on your left, you’ll see the chats which have been taken recently on your store. Just click on any one of them & you’ll get redirected to the exact chat transcript. Clicking Show More will take you to the complete chats list.

On the right side, you’ll see data about the visitors browsing your website. You can find the key data about the visitors on this list such as their name/ IP address, country, pare URL & status about whether they are browsing, chatting, have chatted or have been invited to chat.

Referrer’s URL shows you the URLs & the counts about from where the visitors gets referred to your website before jumping on the chat. The data is downloadable.

FAQs Added & Open Tickets shows you a quick count of the total FAQs you have provided to the Chataffy chat agents & how many tickets are yet to be closed respectively.

Analytics shows you the following data analysed by Google Analytics- number of visits, bounce rate, percentage of visitors who filled pre-chat form and percentage of visitors who initiated the chat conversation

If you haven’t added Google Analytics yet, you can add it from here.

Active Pages shows the URLs of the pages from where the chats are being initiated along with the count of the initiated chats. The data is downloadable.

Chat Engagement shows you how many chats were started from the visitors end & how many of them started proactively i.e. upon invitation. The data is downloadable.

Chat Geography shows how many chats came through which country. The data is downloadable.

5 Chataffy chat agents take chats on your website 24×7. Chataffy shows you each & every of those chat transcripts right in the dashboard. Inside Chats, Leads & Tickets you’ll find the robust features to analyse them, share feedback on them, discuss them with your team members, close/ open them, tag them or assign them, simply select Chats, Leads or Tickets from the top menu bar of the Chataffy dashboard.

The feedback are received directly by the chat agents.

Chats is the pool of all the chats taken by Chataffy chat agents on your store by Chataffy chat agents. Be it a sales lead, support ticket or a random chat, you’ll find them all here.

Under Leads, you’ll find all the sales leads generated by Chataffy chat agents on your store. If you’ve got the IMAP/ SMTP settings enabled, you can also follow up from right here.

Under Tickets, you’ll find the support tickets which need your action.

6 FAQs is the word for all the resources which could help Chataffy in training Chataffy chat agents in delivering exemplary customer support & sales leads generation on your website, just like your in-house team. It could be the knowledgebase, training manuals, training videos, previous chat transcripts, support emails etc.

All the resources you’ll share or edit from the FAQs section are notified real time to the chat agents.

Unanswered FAQs are the basic FAQs which we recommend you answer for us to answer the most basic questions.

FAQs help you provide us the training resources in the question & answer format. For example, Q- ‘Do you offer international shipping?’ A- ‘Yes, we deliver worldwide.’

You can add, edit or delete them anytime.

Important Points could be any piece of information which can be shared best in a descriptive format & nor Q&A format. For example- ‘XYZ’s office remains closed on Saturdays & Sundays & no returns can be entertained during these 2 days.’

You can add, edit or delete them anytime.

Documents lets you share the useful documents with us.